Perhaps you're a town native. You've always loved it here, and you've been a part of your town's nightlife for over a decade. You're well-loved and you know what people like to do when they go out drinking. You work hard and you play hard, so you can afford to open up your own bar. Or perhaps you're just a business minded person who's always dreamed of running an establishment that sold food and alcohol, or maybe you just want to sell beverages in your ìquick mart,î type of store. If you are in the food or beverage service industry in any way, bar refrigerator leasing and financing is going to be something you have to consider.

Bar refrigerators are not the kind of items you are going to be able to afford flat out unless you find a really good used deal or one comes with the establishment you are opening. However, these instances are rare because most business owners sell their equipment as soon as they know they're closing shop, in order to help their financial situations.

What To Expect With Bar Refrigerator Leasing

With bar refrigerator leasing, you have access to the finest bar refrigerator makes and models. When you complete your leasing through LeaseQ, you will realize that you have found the simplest way to lease. You don't have to approach finance companies, they will approach you.

In addition, you don't have to go through a tedious nerve-wracking application and interview process. You apply right through the website and then your application is matched with lenders that have already said ìyes.î After that, YOU choose who YOU want to close the loan with based on the terms they have presented to YOU, the loan is underwritten right then and there and within less than a day, you have applied for, been approved for and have received your loan.

There Are Several Bar Refrigerators to Meet Every Food and Beverage Service Need

There are various styles of bar refrigerator units for you to consider including draft beer dispensers and back bar storage refrigeration units. These are the models you would need for a traditional bar set up in your restaurant, nightclub, or pub. There are also, glass and plate chillers, the units you need mainly for your restaurant kitchen; and finally, there are the wine merchandisers and bottle coolers, that you would need for wine and beverage displays in your ìquick mart,î type of store, retail store or other establishment.

As you can see, you can use probably use back bar units in a kitchen if necessary or bottle coolers as wine merchandisers if you are selling cheap $3 wine. After all, they are all refrigerators, but the more specialized a food or beverage product you are offering and the more upscale the type of client you want to appeal to, the more important it is for you to get the correct refrigeration unit for your needs.

What Can You Expect From Bar Refrigerator Financing?

Once you establish what your needs are, you can expect to finance between $500 and $5000 for your unit. Before you make your final choice, understand that you need a back bar unit that will stand up to a lot of wear and tear and you will want bottle coolers and wine merchandisers that match your store's dÈcor because your customers will see these items. Buy the best you can because keeping food and beverages cold and fresh is the life blood of your business.

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