Studies show that 68% of adults prefer a restaurant that prepares foods that cannot be duplicated in their home kitchen. The best way you can provide these is by setting up a high-class commercial kitchen for your restaurant business. Doing so needs you to have the right supplies to make sure you prepare and serve a wide variety of dishes for diners without any problems. Acquiring and using Commercial kitchen supplies in your restaurant is one of the major steps towards the success you have always been dreaming of.

What are the Types of Commercial Kitchen Supplies?

Some of the items that should feature on your kitchen supply list include:

Buffet supplies - these serve the needs of a large number of customers without involvement of a large number of staff. These include dishes, cutlery, serving chafers, food pans and more.

Take -out containers - these include disposable cutlery, glassware, stainless steel containers and plastic soup containers.

Catering supplies - dessert plates, tumblers, table skirts, serving-ware, mugs and bowls fall into this category.

Storage containers - these are necessary for any commercial kitchen. These come in plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and more. Your food will have special appeal when packed in attractive containers.

These containers can be sourced by cash purchase or leasing. Let us look at leasing as an option of getting the items you need.

Commercial Kitchen Supplies Leasing as an Option

Leasing is one of the modern tools used by restaurants to gain the use of commercial equipment and supplies. The main advantage associated with this method is that it eliminates large cash outlays so that your funds can be used for other purposes around your business.

When you opt for leasing of commercial kitchen supplies, you get the chance to extend your lease period for a longer time without committing large down payments. You also simplify your book keeping tasks because you only pay a one-time fee that covers the entire cost of the supplies.

When you know the costs of individual supplies, you are better placed to analyze and control your budget because of direct allocation of costs. The costs are direct so you do not have any hidden costs. Additionally, leasing gives you more liberal credit alternatives because you can access leasing services successfully in situations where financing from financial institutions may not be possible.

Commercial kitchen supplies leasing is treated as an expense in your business instead of a capital expenditure. This gives you room to handle rentals for other equipment in your restaurant. If you need to own the supplies, you can decide to go for a buyout clause at the end of the lease period. Now that you know what you gain from leasing, you need to know how to go about getting the supplies you need.

Commercial Kitchen Supplies Financing For Your Restaurant

Getting financing for your lease is easy; all you need to do is identify a reputable dealer. You can do this by asking your supplies dealer for referrals or going to LeaseQ for an instant free price quote. With LeaseQ, you are assured of getting financial services that will meet your unique customer needs because of the extensive industry knowhow the company possesses.

Commercial kitchen supplies are expensive and this may be an obstacle especially if you are just starting out. With commercial kitchen supplies leasing, you get a chance to acquire items you need in your restaurant for immediate use. To see if you qualify for commercial kitchen supplies leasing, click here for a free quote.

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