A variety of hot food pans are required for your kitchen. They are useful for a number of reasons, and can be used to take food from cooling to a steam table without using additional containers. They clean easily, stack for efficient storage and offer utility that all kitchens can benefit from. As a result, you will need quite a few of them to get the most out of your kitchen, and that can be a costly proposition.

Hot Food Pan Leasing

Hot food pan leasing is an option for you if you do not have the required resources to purchase an entire collection of hot food pans that meet the needs of your kitchen. A lease with a reasonable monthly payment allows you to acquire an entire collection of pans without the typical high upfront cost.

Another advantage is that these pans can often be leased in conjunction with the hot food units that typically use these pans, so you can be certain that the pans are the appropriate size for your equipment. Since you will likely rotate quite a few pans through your hot food units during the normal business in your kitchen, having ample pans available in the correct size is crucial to getting the most out of your kitchen.

Hot Food Pans

These pans are typically odor and stain resistant, and come in a variety of sizes. This allows for utility in using a variety of storage and preparation options. Since these pans can withstand a wide range of temperatures, they are useful in taking food from a cool environment to their warmed condition without switching pans. This saves time both with the ease of transfer and with limiting the number of dirty pans to wash.

They also allow for time and date marking right on the pan, so that food is easily tracked from preparation to serving. You can store quite a bit of food in these pans for easy access, but to do so, you will need a lot of pans. This is doubly true if you operate in a buffet style environment. Since the majority of the food you serve in this type of restaurant is served on a warming unit while in a pan, your pan requirement can become quite large.

Hot Food Pan Financing

Since the cost of individual pans is not as high as with other commercial kitchen equipment, hot food pan financing can be an attractive option. With this plan, the pans become your property. However, you still maintain the advantage of a low monthly payment like you would with a lease.

Since pans can be maintained with regular cleaning and proper storage, a purchasing plan comes with the advantage of continued use after the payments have all been made. Since you will likely use these types of pans for as long as you run your kitchen, eliminating your monthly payments for pans can be a nice benefit.

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