Holding Equipment Leasing

Holding equipment is an important part of any effective restaurant or bar. Sometimes, a buffet style serving strategy allows for a higher level of customer service. In the kitchen, the ability to keep part of a prepared meal warm while another part cooks is vital to serving consistently prepared plates to your customers.

During periods of high volume, being able to keep an entire plate warm is often necessary for timing an entire table's order. Regardless of the situation, high quality holding and warming equipment can dramatically improve the quality of your kitchen.

In order to acquire a full complement of warming and holding equipment, a number of items must be considered. Holding equipment leasing allows you to acquire the necessary items to ensure that your kitchen operates at peak efficiency without the obligation of the large initial cost that purchasing a variety of holding and warming equipment would entail.

Instead of paying full price upon receipt of the equipment, you would pay a reasonable monthly rate with a low interest rate attached to it. This allows you to enjoy the profits that a truly efficient kitchen can bring while your business earns the money required to pay for the required equipment. Furthermore, the monthly lease payment is a stable, fixed payment. This allows you to easily calculate your monthly budget and expense totals.

Restaurant Holding Equipment

Another reason that leasing is an attractive option is that acquiring the variety of necessary holding and warming equipment can be quite cost prohibitive. After all, there is a large selection of equipment available to you which all serve a specific purpose in your kitchen. Heated cabinets can keep entire plates warm. This allows for an entire table's order to be served with the proper timing.

Heated drawers can keep specific side orders warm while plates are prepared. Buffet servers can allow for unattended customer serving in certain environments such as a brunch. Depending on your business and your kitchen, a number of these options might be beneficial to you.

Leasing your restaurant holding equipment allows for an affordable acquisition of multiple warming options. A lease also allows for you to position yourself to take advantage of any future technological advances, since a new lease can be negotiated for a new product.

Holding Equipment Financing

Should you decide that you wish to buy your own holding and warming equipment, holding equipment financing is a great option for you. You can get a similar fixed monthly price as with a lease, but you eventually take ownership of the item. This creates debt on the ledger for your business.

However, eventually those debts become assets when the items are paid off. You lose the ability to negotiate a new lease for an updated model, but you gain the ability to use the items long after they are paid off. This eliminates the monthly payment for as long as the equipment is maintained.

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