Stop for a moment and imagine the benefits a commercial oven will bring to your restaurant: more space for baking, more output, more cooking options and advanced settings for virtually any kind of food your restaurant or food service business. They need to prepare. When you compare these benefits with a regular oven, there is really no comparison. Getting a top-quality commercial oven is essential for your restaurant. The biggest challenge you will face in your quest is financing the purchase. This is why commercial oven leasing may be an excellent solution for your restaurant or food service business.

True, you can apply for a business loan to buy the oven, but have you considered how long it may take you to acquire the loan from a financial institution? What if you are starting out and have no collateral to get the loan? Rather than wait for a loan, you should consider commercial oven leasing instead.

What Benefits Do Commercial Ovens Bring To Your Restaurant?

A commercial oven is much more spacious, letting you bake more cakes, pizzas, cookies and other recipes at a given time. Most commercial ovens come with multiple shelves where you can place as many sheets as you wish.

When it comes to speed in baking, you can definitely count on commercial ovens. This is due to the powerful motor that is used in their design. The high power output makes it possible for you to use the oven for long hours without the risk of overheating. A better airflow technology allows for better air circulation.

With commercial ovens, you are assured of efficient cooking because of advanced settings. You do not have to keep on adjusting the settings for each batch, because you can choose the previous setting used in the last task.

What Are The Advantages Of Commercial Oven Leasing?

Over the past few years, American banks have imposed stricter credit requirements for borrowing money. As a small business, you may struggle to maintain your operations if you do not have enough working capital. Leasing your commercial oven provides you with a vehicle for you to get the ovens you need quickly and easily. And banks are not the only source of financing for your restaurant equipment. Financing a commercial oven through a bank can take up to three months or more to approve your loan application; however, leasing your commercial oven with LeaseQ only requires you to complete a simple application that takes only a few minutes. The approval process is quick and takes between 1 - 24 hours.

If you operate a small to midsized food service or restaurant business, you cannot afford to spend a large part of your month's budget on a single piece of equipment. Commercial oven leasing provides you with a means to use minimal investment then divide the remaining costs in equal installments. This helps you save your working capital for funding the growth of your restaurant.

Although many people may not realize it, leasing is another way of building your credit history. This is important because when you obtain financing for your restaurant equipment now, it will make any future equipment purchases or leases easier in the future. The credit report you receive from the lender illustrates your ability to repay, and helps you build a credit score essential to making your business flourish.

How Commercial Oven Financing Works

When you opt for commercial oven leasing, you enter into an agreement with the lender. The lending company provides the necessary funds you need to acquire the oven. Once your oven lease has been approved, you can start using the equipment immediately, oftentimes before even submitting a down payment. The great thing about using leasing in your restaurant is that in many cases, you can enjoy 100% financing.

With commercial oven leasing from LeaseQ, you have access to various lease packages and each with its own terms and conditions. You as the restaurant owner choose a package that best matches your financial capability as well as the needs of your business.

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