Griddle leasing can be a critically important step to succeeding with a street vending or concessions business, or any other food service business that involves cooking foods on a griddle. Many people often confuse a griddle with a grill, but in reality these two items are quite different from one another. Even though they are both flat cooking surfaces, a grill has spacing in the cooking surface so that the grease and excess fats can fall away from what is being grilled, while a griddle does not have any spacing. This means that food being cooked on a griddle is sitting in all of its grease, fat, and other essential byproducts.

Having a quality griddle in any concessions or food related business can insure that all of the burgers, pancakes, bacon, eggs, french toast, and other assorted griddle oriented foods are cooked properly and to the satisfaction of the business owner, and their customers as well. Qualifying for a commercial griddle lease is an easy and painless process, and most lessees are pre-qualified for their lease in as little as two minutes. In this article, leasing of the more prominent and highly rated commercial griddles will be discussed for the benefit of consumers and business owners everywhere.

Commercial Griddle Leasing and Financing

In today's fast paced world, leasing a commercial griddle is as easy as ever. Thanks to the internet, there are online outlets where business owners and independent operators can lease this useful food cooking appliance. Leasing a commercial griddle can supply a food service business with the capability to tackle any food cooking orders that come their way. Here are a couple highly rated commercial griddles available for lease:

Globe Products Commercial Electric Griddle

This 24 inch electric counter-top griddle is a great solution for any food service or street vending operation. This particular counter-top griddle features a stainless steel body, as well as a splash guard which allows for quick and easy cleaning of this unit. Complete with two electric griddle thermostats (ranging in temperatures from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 575 degrees Fahrenheit), an easy off/on switch for each individual heating element, and a removable griddle catch tray, this is a commercial grade griddle leasing option that will serve any business quite well.

Cecilware EL1636 Commercial Electric Griddle

Featuring a sleek, modernized design, the Cecilware EL1636 is an outstanding commercial griddle to lease. This unit is 36 inches, and it is designed to accommodate a somewhat higher volume of food products; great for a concessions operation or other food service company that deals with an above average amount of business on a regular basis. This griddle is especially designed to provide uniform heating, as opposed to some of the other commercial griddle options which can experience "hot spots", or areas of the griddle that are hotter than the rest of the cooking surface.

For any food service business that incorporates short-order cooking into their product offerings, using LeaseQ to lease a commercial griddle can prove to be a great decision; a decision which will likely increase efficiency, product quality, and profits as well.

Commercial Griddle Financing

If you do not have all of the funds available to purchase a griddle machine upfront when you start your business, you could look into the option of having one financed. There are several companies that offer financing for commercial griddles. It is easier than it has ever been to finance equipment for your business, not to mention that it takes very little time. In fact, it is such a competitive business that you can find very competitive interest rates, regardless of your credit score. This is especially true if you make an agreement to try to pay the range hood off in a certain amount of time.

This is a very good option, especially for a restaurant owner that may have to buy at least one griddle depending on what kind of food you serve. And you don't want to invest every single penny that you have in buying equipment for your business as you need to keep some of those funds reserved for emergency purposes. By considering griddle financing and leasing, you can conserve your cash and enter into a lease, whereby you can buy out the equipment at the end of the lease for one dollar. LeaseQ offers this to all griddle leasing and financing customers.

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