The Food Safety Act signed by President Barack Obama in January 2011 promised better earnings for the players in the food service industry because of the economic growth that was expected. And thanks to our current economic recovery, this has in fact occurred. To take part in this growth, you need to make sure your restaurant is able to provide customers with satisfactory services that keep them coming back.

One component that promotes proper service delivery is top quality commercial food service equipment. This equipment includes all the food-related equipment found in a commercial kitchen. Additionally, many restaurants and food service businesses may not realize that commercial food service equipment leasing is also an option for them to conserve cash.

Traditional equipment may be working for you, but if you are looking for a way to efficiently and economically run your kitchen, then you have to turn to commercial food service equipment and supplies.

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Food Service Equipment?

Food service equipment can be organized into three categories: cooking equipment, food preparation equipment and food refrigeration equipment. These have to be available and functional when running any restaurant. The exact size and number of equipment varies depending on the type and size of your establishment.

Some of the types of commercial food service equipment include:

Ovens: Every commercial kitchen needs a dependable and reliable oven, though the size and type will depend on the establishment. A small oven that sits on top of a counter top may be ideal for a small business while big restaurants may require convection ovens that come with fans to make sure the food cooks fast and uniformly.

Stoves and Deep Fryers: Commercial stoves may use electricity, gas or both. These stoves are usually larger than traditional stoves in the home. Along with stoves, you will need deep frying equipment that is ideal for a commercial kitchen. Such a deep fryer usually has wheels on the bottom with the frying pan on top. Any piece of food that falls off the food being prepared is collected in an area called the sediment zone located under the fryer. These highly specialized pieces of equipment are the ones used to make onion rings, french fries and other kinds of fried foods.

Commercial Dishwashers: Some items in a restaurant may be hand washed, but if the establishment serves hundreds of customers, you'll have to turn to a commercial dishwasher that will clean large pots and dishes all at once. For easier hand washing, you can use large industrial sinks that have taps and sprayer hoses to make cleaning easier.

Refrigerators: The food you prepare must be properly stored to maintain its original taste and prevent it going bad. Refrigerators range from small countertop types to walk-in refrigerators. Some come as a singular unit comprising a freezer and a refrigerator.

Choosing the Best Commercial Food Service Equipment

There are several things you need to take into account when picking your commercial food service equipment and supplies. Once you have the size and needs of your restaurant in mind, you need to get equipment that is efficient and produces the right output for the demands of your customers. LeaseQ is a good company to fulfill those requirements. Your decision will also be influenced by the type of food you serve.

Another factor that comes into play includes the technical support that you receive from the manufacturer. Some of the equipment is complicated therefore the supplier needs to be available 24/7.

Commercial Food Service Equipment Financing

Food service equipment for commercial restaurants is not cheap. You need to look at as many options as you can in order to choose one that's right for your business. One of those choices is whether or not to pursue commercial food service equipment leasing and financing. Although many business owners would be surprised to find this out, there are many types of commercial food service equipment financing options available.

Some of the equipment you may need can run into thousands of dollars and and getting an alternative financing option is a good idea. One of the options is leasing of the equipment instead of buying it outright. Leasing commercial food service equipment and supplies from companies such as LeaseQ gives you the ability to produce high quality food in large amounts at a small cost each month.

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