Once you have established a catering business, the next step is to look for high quality catering equipment supplies for use in your business. Choosing the right catering equipment and supplies can be vital to the long-term health of your business. Catering equipment, supplies and although something most people don't think twice about and contribute a lot to the ease in food preparation, cooking and serving and of course, the ultimate success of your catering business. Depending on the type of catering business you have, you need high quality catering supplies that will enable you to cater for your customers so they are truly satisfied with your service. Also, what many catering companies don't realize is that catering equipment, supplies, leasing is an affordable option instead of buying.

What Are The Categories Of Catering Equipment Supplies?

There are several categories of catering equipment and supplies that you can choose from. These include equipment for food preparation, equipment for food storage and equipment for food delivery and service.

Food Preparation Equipment

Food preparation is a very important part of the catering business. The equipment you need ranges from stoves, gas burners, ovens and deep fryers. The equipment has to be of commercial grade to make sure you produce well-cooked, delicious dishes quickly. These cooking supplies, however, depend on what type of food you are planning to cook.

You can also choose from a wide range of cookware such as baking pans, pots and sheets. To make sure you get the best out of your cooking, it is advisable to choose commercial pans and pots that are sturdy and come with solid bases. This is not just for durability purposes, but also for excellent and efficient food preparation.

Other tools include cutting boards, knives, measuring devices, mixers and blenders. When selecting food preparation equipment, durability and sturdiness should be the main aspects you need to look at.

Catering Equipment for Food Storage

Before you use your food or after you have prepared it, you need to store it well to prevent spoilage. The major tools you will likely use are commercial refrigerators and freezers. The size of equipment you choose will largely depend on the number of customers that your business caterers for. If you cater for hundreds of customers, then a walk-in refrigerator or cooler would be the best choice. If you have a smaller catering business, your refrigeration needs may not be as great.

Catering Equipment for Food Delivery and Service

Serving utensils, tables and chairs, plates, glasses, table decorations and other cutlery are important when it comes to serving what you have cooked. Make sure you know the needs of your customers so that you know whether they want to use their own equipment instead of yours. It's also important that you know whether the event you're catering is to be held outdoors or indoors. Also find out whether the clients prefer full-service or buffet style though it is advisable to have catering equipment for both styles.

Financing Your Equipment: Catering Equipment Financing and Leasing Services

The Caterers Market Research Report in 2012 foresees a positive turn in the catering industry after the recession. The report attributes this to a rise in demand from high-income households and businesses. According to the report, customers will spend more money on events and functions that will need catering services in 2013 and beyond. This means you need to have your catering business ready for the expected growth, which is where LeaseQ comes in.

Catering equipment leasing companies can provide a wide range of stylish and contemporary equipment for the needs of your customers without the upfront cost of purchase. LeaseQ can help you access the latest catering equipment needed in your restaurant without committing scarce monetary resources. Leasing is ideal especially for a startup catering business because you'll get tools to help you expand your customer base by serving a wide range of their needs without a ton of cash outlay.

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