According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 16% of Americans have physical function difficulty. If you are a part of this statistics, and you need mobility equipment, consider Ritter Medical Equipment. They offer a wide variety of products for all your ambulatory needs. They have wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs, mobility lifts and other accessories to give you the independence that you want.

There are two ways to get your hands on a Ritter ride - you can make a cash purchase or lease one. Every rider should consider their own needs and personal situation carefully before making a decision. Although both modes of acquisition have their advantages and disadvantages, leasing your ambulatory equipment is more beneficial to most people.

Ritter Medical Equipment Gives You Various Options

Getting a wheelchair is a major decision. You and your wheels will be attached to each other for most of your waking hours. It is therefore important that you get the one that you like. But like cars, mobility equipment comes in different models and colors. Should you go for a motorized wheelchair or a scooter? Red or pink? Ownership means that you have to make a choice, and commit to your choice. Leasing, however, frees you of that worry. You can change your ride when you want to. LeaseQ can help you find the wheels that is right for you.

Ritter Medical Equipment Leasing Can Improve Your Cash Flow

When you are mobility-challenged, chances are you have other related expenses, such as healthcare. Your cash flow may be too constricted to accommodate a cash purchase. Leasing allows you to free up your cash flow so that all your needs are meet. You do not need to pour all your resources into one capital expense.

LeaseQ is the innovative online solution to all your leasing needs. In just a few minutes, LeaseQ will deliver pre-qualified quotes so that you can compare lease rates in the comfort of your home. You are in control of your financing options. You do not have to deal with pesky dealers who will call at all hours. You choose the dealers you want to do business with.

Ritter Medical Equipment Leasing Offers Unique Financing Solutions

LeaseQ offers several creative solutions to all your leasing and financing needs. Most people settle for a straight lease because they want the flexibility of borrowing equipment. There are over a hundred financing companies and dealers to choose from the LeaseQ database.

On the other hand, if you want to own your ride but are currently cash-strapped, you can opt for a buyout, paying only a dollar at the end of the lease period. Or you can take out a loan to finance your ownership. Choose the one that's best for you.

If you have a damaged credit, or you have special needs, Lease offers a soft credit pull that has no impact on your personal credit score. Leasing and financing is as easy as A-B-C with LeaseQ.

To see if you qualify for leasing Ritter Medical Equipment, click here for a free quote.

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