Medical Equipment Suppliers - Why Lease?

Doctors who intend to expand their hospital facilities should consider medical equipment leasing. This approach is recommended when the hospital cannot afford to purchase advanced equipment. Through leasing medical equipment, the quality of the facility is maintained, which in turn instills confidence in the visiting patients. The ultimate result is success for the facility. There are several medical equipment suppliers who offer a wide range of equipment for rent such as radiology equipment, laboratory equipment, wheel chairs, surgical equipment and other kinds of hospital equipment.

Medical Equipment Leasing - Weigh Your Options

As you consider leasing medical equipment, it is important to find the most suitable options. Since there are a good number of leasing providers, ensure that you deal with a well reputed, reliable and professional company. Usually, the suppliers provide professional advice to their clients and there are those who also assist the lessee to set up the healthcare facility. Feel free to ask your provider to recommend medical equipment suppliers to you.

Medical Equipment Financing - The Leasing Procedure

With leasing, no down payment is required, but, rather the only consideration that is made is on the equipment value that should be depleted during the medical equipment leasing term. Other than paying out a huge chunk of money, as a lessee, you will be expected to make the payments in small installments. Later on, the lessee can purchase the equipment for an amount that is determined by its remaining value. Usually, you will not be expected to provide a collateral and there is no obligation that requires the lessee to purchase the medical equipment after expiration of the lease period. As such, you are free from any obsolescence. You can ensure that you update your medical equipment without any generous helping of the working capital.

Another vital factor to note is that you can work much faster with equipment leasing as compared to having to wait for your medical equipment financing loan to be approved. With the evident changes in technology, you can keep yourself updated with the latest happenings through the acquisition of the latest medical equipment for your hospital or clinic. One advantage of leasing is that the procedure is fast and simple. At LeaseQ, you do not have to provide too much documentation, which hastens the leasing process.

Keep in mind that with medical equipment leasing, this strategy is not considered a debt hence it will not appear in your balance sheet. The fact that leasing allows you to keep your monthly costs as low as possible is a major plus. The leasing payments made are considered as operation costs. The flexibility of the leasing schemes at LeaseQ allows you to make upgrades according to your needs.

Also when leasing medical equipment, you can always go back when the need arises and make a fresh application based on your needs. When considering medical equipment financing, you should note that with LeaseQ the soft credit pull that has no impact on your credit score. The application process is quick and you should have your lease request approved within a very short time. To see if you qualify for medical equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.