In the past few years the cost of lab equipment has sky rocketed and medical practitioners have had to come up with innovative ways of cutting back on costs. It comes as no surprise that some of them are hesitant on purchasing or leasing refurbished lab equipment due to some of the nasty myths that surround refurbished equipment. Below are some of the myths that will be discussed.

Nasty Myths About Refurbished Lab Equipment

One of the myths doing rounds is that refurbished goods are damaged goods. Most people believe that refurbished goods have seen years of wear and tear which is why the owner is selling or leasing them. This however is not the case because unlike used items, refurbished items are only in the possession of the owner for a very short period before they are returned to the seller.

The reason for returning the equipment can be due to a number of things such as a malfunctioning part. If this is the case, it is returned to the manufacturer who replaces this part and retests the equipment to ensure that it is working. Manufacturers are not allowed to sell returned equipment as brand new so they resell it back as refurbished.

Refurbished Lab Equipment Leasing

Leasing is all about choosing the right vendor and the right lease. You can have the perfect refurbished lab equipment but you do not have the right lease. Lab equipment evolves as technology evolves and if you sign a lease that has a term of more than two years, you will realize your mistake when it is too late. Either you will have to terminate the lease early and pay any fees associated or you will have to use outdated lab equipment until your lease term expires.

A good lease allows you flexibility in that you can upgrade or add new equipment. A good vendor should not coax you into a lease of more than two years unless that is what you prefer. In addition, they should not ask you for an upfront payment when the deal is yet to be finalized.

Ensure that you get a lease which gives you a variety of finance options. You can choose a lease that allows you to purchase the equipment at $1 when it expires. You can also choose a lease that offers you the chance to purchase the lab equipment at market value or you can simply return the equipment once the lease expires.

Refurbished Lab Equipment Financing With LeaseQ

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Whether you are looking to lease refurbished, new or used equipment, you won't miss a vendor who is willing to give you a lease option that is suitable for you.

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