Hospitals and patients have trusted Precision Medical equipment for more than 25 years to provide quality breathing equipment such as oxygen monitors and oxygen regulators. Whether you are a hospital looking to upgrade your equipment, a medical clinic or a patient who needs help breathing, Precision Medical is the best equipment you can have.

Why Precision Medical Equipment Is So Popular?

Precision Medical equipment is based in Northampton, Pennsylvania and it has helped both healthcare facilities and their patients since 1984 to be able to breathe easier. You can find their equipment in more than 50 countries because more people choose to use equipment that is lightweight and innovative. Their equipment is easy to maintain and use, always accurate, and simple for anyone to use. Precision Medical offers air compressors that are lightweight and easy to carry no matter how large or small the machine is. If space is limited in your clinic, do not worry, they have compact designs available as well that deliver the same amount of power and performance. Precision Medical air oxygen blenders give you quieter operation than any other brand which works great for many patients. Their oxygen regulators offer two body designs and five flow ranges so that every patient gets the right amount of oxygen for their particular needs. Aspirators work quietly and have a dual protection system to prevent fluid from back flowing while also keeping airborne contaminants from entering the pump and transferring to your patient. Precision Medical also offers a wide range of fittings which will help you connect to the many breathing machines that they have available.

Precision Medical Equipment Leasing Will Ensure Everyone Breathes Easier

If you are interesting in quality Precision Medical equipment but your budget is already stretched a little thin, do not worry, there are ways to cut the cost and not the quality of what your hospital, clinic or homecare breathing equipment you have. It is called leasing and many medical facilities and homecare patients choose it over making large cash purchases so that they are able to breathe easier by having the equipment they need while making low monthly payments. Leasing opens the possibilities for everyone because it allows patients and healthcare providers to in essence "try on" their equipment without risk. For instance, if you purchase an item and you later find out that it is not the product you need, you will probably have to make another cash purchase to try again. When you lease, you can return your equipment at the end of the lease and try another product or if you discover you have the right equipment for your needs, you can buyout of the lease for often as little as $1 and keep the Precision Medical equipment. Leasing is also a soft credit pull option which means it will never have any impact on your overall credit rating. If you would like to learn more about leasing Precision Medical equipment and fittings, you can contact a dealer in your area or simply visit LeaseQ at for a free quote and to see what financing options are available to you and your healthcare facility.

Your Precision Medical Equipment Financing Options May Include Taking Out A Loan Or Taking Advantage Of Precision Medical Equipment Leasing

When you choose to use a company like LeaseQ you will quickly discover that they are willing to help you find the right financing option to fit your budget and your needs. It is quick and easy to apply. If you are unsure you want to use their services, you always have the option to visit and apply to see what your options are. Then you can ask around to find your perfect solution. The application process for LeaseQ will take you less than two minutes and you are welcome to return to the site as often as you would like while trying to decide which Precision Medical equipment financing option suits your needs the best. LeaseQ understands that times are tough everywhere and it is not always easy to "commit" to spending large amounts on a cash purchase so before you commit to leasing through them, they want you to be sure you are certain you have found the best option available.

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