There are several medical practices that rely heavily on the portable X ray machine. These kinds of machines meet the requirements of patients who are not in a position to be at their respective hospitals and clinics for treatment. The physicians working in sports stadiums, nursing homes or cruse ships may require carrying a portable X ray machine to assist them in taking digital images of the patients who are not at a medical facility.

Portable X Ray Machine

Once the digital portable X ray machine is combined with a PACS system and loaded on a computer that has an Internet connection, the physician can capture, view and store images with the assistance of the computer system. Portable X ray machines that produce DICOM medical images bring forth all of the practicality found in a full size office. The systems that feature the DR or the CR imagers can be utilized in a portable kind of environment. Usually, these kinds of mobile imagers are utilized with the wheeled carts, which make it simple to move the equipment directly to the point where the patient is. The weight of the portable X ray machine is lighter as compared to the full size image and it is approximately ninety pounds. There are models that can fit within a mobile unit, which makes it easier to unpack and pack the necessary gadgets that can be used to obtain the digital images required.

When you choose to acquire a portable X ray machine, you can either purchase or lease. The benefits of leasing portable X ray machines are explained here below.

Portable X ray Machine Leasing

There are a good number of benefits that come along with leasing a portable X ray machine. You get to conserve your capital and at the same time you use the latest technology. Indeed leasing is a fantastic option because it also has tax benefits attached to it. When you lease equipment, you should ensure that you determine your requirements. Do you want a long term or short-term lease? Take time to read and understand the terms and conditions that are stipulated in the leasing contract. A reliable leasing company takes care of the maintenance and servicing costs of the machine. As such, you should ensure that you deal with a reliable and trusted leasing company. Feel free to ask your provider for recommendations on leasing companies that you can contact or you could choose to request for a fast and free quotation from LeaseQ. They have an easy two-minute application.

Portable X Ray Machine Financing

When you decide to lease a portable X ray machine, you can choose to either return it at the expiry of the leasing period or may opt to purchase it at its remaining value. However, you may opt to take a loan that will enable you to purchase a portable X ray machine. Remember that a loan reflects as a liability on your balance sheet. To find out more on leasing a portable X Ray machine, click here for a free quote.

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