One of the things about keeping fit is checking on your heart rate; it should not be too high or too low. A portable heart rate monitor can help you know when the intensity of your exercise is too high and when it is too low by measuring heart beats per minute. So who exactly can benefit from having a heart rate monitor at hand?

Portable Heart Rate Monitor; Who Should Have One

Walkers and casual joggers can benefit more from their typical stroll or run around the block by simply monitoring their heart rate. They can easily do this by aiming for their aerobic or fat burning target zones, with the aid of the heart rate monitor, so that they can ensure that they are getting more out of their exercise.

Runners are another group of people who can benefit greatly from having a heart rate monitor. This is because it helps them to keep their aerobic base when they are doing low impact sessions and it helps them to run in their peak target zone when doing intense training.

Other people who should consider making a cash purchase on heart rate monitors are injury rehabilitation patients, weight loss participants, skiers, climbers, hikers and cyclists.

Portable Heart Rate Monitor Leasing; Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

If you are a new or established health facility, you may have heard about all the benefits of leasing. However, as you go about comparing and prioritizing lease quotes it is vital that you identify red flags which could potentially make you part of a very bad leasing deal.

One of the red flags that you should spot is a dealer who tries to coax you into a lease of more than two years. A long term lease is a horrible idea especially for a portable heart rate monitor. During economic slumps, a dealer may try to get you to commit to a lease of more than five years. This will ensure that the burden of getting you new and upgraded equipment is lessened. In short, do not accept such a deal.

A lease that forces you to forfeit your legal rights is a very clear sign that it is not a deal you should take. Chances are you will get something is wrong with the equipment or they might decide to go back on a deal you had agreed upon and the list is endless.

Portable Heart Rate Monitor Financing With LeaseQ

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