Sometimes you may experience frequent ectopic beats but due to their irregularity, your doctor or cardiologist may have a hard time finding out anything from their ekg machine in the office. This is why they may recommend that you look into getting a portable ekg machine that you could use in your home. This might seem like an expensive venture but below are some benefits that might convince you otherwise.

Benefits Of A Portable Ekg Machine

Conditions in the doctor's office may be very different from those in your home or in your workplace such that you may not experience anything different in the doctor's office. A portable EKG device comes in handy because it can help you measure any abnormalities in your heartbeat during your normal activities.

Secondly, portable EKG devices are so small you can actually wear them underneath your clothes. Some are designed to be wireless which causes even fewer distractions as you go about your daily activities. You can therefore go on doing your regular activities and still get your heart rhythms measured. Ensure that you take good notes and remember that you cannot wear the device when you are taking a shower or a bath.

Hospitals are not the best place to spend your time and with a portable ekg machine, measurements are easy to take without staying in the hospital. Most miniature ekg machines come with a feature that enables them to transfer data via internet to the hospital. Moreover, you can get 24 hour monitoring even during your sleep when you wear a wireless ekg monitor.

Benefits Of Portable Ekg Machine Leasing For Medical Facilities

If however you are running a large health facility, you might want to consider leasing portable ekg machines. One of the benefits of leasing this equipment is that you will eliminate equipment obsolescence. The medical field involves a lot of pervasive research and procedures are updated on a regular basis. Cardiac equipment leasing lets you upgrade your equipment regularly.

Leasing will help you conserve your working capital and cash flow so the funds will be available to invest in other opportunities that will help to expand patient services and improve cardiac care. Ensure that your lender provides 100% financing because cardiac equipment often comes with expensive training and installation.

Portable Ekg Machine Financing

You can now get instant quotes on your portable ekg machine in less than one minute at LeaseQ. LeaseQ is the leading source of instant leasing quotes from real lending companies. They do not have to put up with sales reps and this gives you a chance to choose a company you want.

They have an online platform where you can compare and prioritize lease quotes by total amount or monthly payments. You can also choose from a number of financing options such as a $1 buyout or simply returning the equipment at the end of your lease. There are also finance experts online who can help you find the right equipment lease for you.

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