Many medical facilities are now opting to use a portable EKG monitor for their patients as a way to quickly check for irregular heart rhythms. The results are easy to read and the scan is finished in only a few seconds rather than several hours. It also allows patients to not have to worry about getting those sticky tabs off after the test is complete.

Why Choose A Portable EKG Monitor?

With technology advancing daily and handheld devices become more able to handle the things it use to take large machines to do; a lot of medical facilities are taking advantage of convenience. A portable EKG monitor is one of those items that doctors, nurses and their patients have all found a special purpose for. It works great in hospitals, small clinics and homecare situations because if you have a patient who sometimes suffers from an irregular heartbeat or comes into your facility with symptoms you can quickly evaluate their situation. For instance, picture an emergency room that has a patient waiting outside with complaints of irregular heartbeat. Rather than make the patient wait and risk a bad situation getting worse, a nurse can use the portable EKG to step into the lobby and within a few seconds monitor the patient. Then you, as the doctor, will have a better understanding of what this patient needs quickly and you can adjust your treatment accordingly. All that you need to do in order to use the portable EKG is hold the device against the patient's chest and you will instantly get a readout on the screen showing you what their heartbeat pattern is. You will then be able to determine if this patient needs further monitoring or immediate help. For the homecare patient, this may also help to save your life by letting you track your own heart rhythms and how fast your heart rate is and get to a doctor before your situation becomes scary. The problem most people have with the portable EKG is as always; price. A small clinic or a home care patient may feel it is beyond their reach to own this little device that could save lives. Concern over a cash purchase is no reason to avoid a portable EKG monitor anymore. You can avoid making a large cash purchase by choosing to lease the device.

Save Lives And Enjoy Portable EKG Leasing

Most homecare patients and small clinics do not realize that there are leasing options available for all the things they may need, including a portable EKG monitor. Leasing can make the difference between low monthly payments rather than a large cash purchase which benefits patients. They will get the best care you can give and you will never need to tell them you are leasing the equipment. Leasing makes life simple for you because you gain so many benefits beyond improving your patient care. When you lease you get the freedom to try the portable EKG to see if it is truly beneficial for you and your circumstances. If it is not what you want or need, then at the end of your lease you can return it and try another product if you would like to. However, if you like the portable EKG monitor as much as other facilities and patients do, you can keep it at the end of the lease, often for as little as $1. Just ask your local medical supply dealer about financing options for a portable EKG or visit LeaseQ at for a free instant quote.

Portable EKG Financing Options May Include Taking Out A Loan Or Portable EKG Leasing

Everyone knows that technology comes with a price that is often quite large. When you choose a company like LeaseQ you will quickly see how easy it is to get low monthly payments through financing or leasing rather than needing to make a large cash purchase that could put you over budget. They will help you find the equipment lease that is right for you and your medical facility's budget and you can give your patients the best care possible. Leasing is also great because not only is it fast and free with LeaseQ but it is only a soft credit pull that will have no impact on your credit score. This can help even the homecare patient who already has to struggle with finances to be able to afford a portable EKG monitor. If you are curious about what financing options may be available for you through LeaseQ simply visit the website when you are ready to explore the portable EKG leasing options that are available. The application process will take less than two minutes, it does not mean you are committed to choosing your financing option and you can return as often as you would like until you decide what option fits your needs the best. So, why not give it a try?

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