Among the things that should not miss on your portable ECG monitor when you go shopping for one should be brand names and prices. There are other things on your checklist that matter and they will be determined by your needs, budget and affordability. Below is a discussion of what these things are.

Things To Look For In A Portable ECG

One of the things that should be on your checklist is the memory of the ECG monitor. Some monitors may require you to use a SD card while others may have an inbuilt memory. The important thing is that it should be able to store previous readings which can later used to generate various statistics.

You should be able to get a detailed analysis report from your ECG monitor so the next thing on your checklist should be the display of various measurements. Different types of ECG monitors display different interpretations; some are more refined than others are. Interpretations are based on certain criterions which are already predefined in the monitor. Basic interpretations of the heart reading, however, should include irregular heart rhythm, normal, bradycardia, etc.

Would you like your ECG monitor to perform continuous monitoring or both single and continuous? Some monitors are not able to perform continuous monitoring.

Portable ECG Leasing

Your health facility can experience a wealth of benefits from portable ECG leasing provided you choose the correct lease and you deal with a reputable supplier. One of the benefits that you will get to experience include flexible end of term options. You typically have three options that you can choose from at the end of your lease. You can extend the lease for an additional period, purchase the equipment from your lessor or simply return the equipment.

It is much easier to finance a lease than a loan. A loan requires you to have collateral and make a huge down payment to show your commitment to repaying it. A lease only requires you to make payments for the first and last month as down payment. You will also realize that it is much faster to get approved for a lease than it is to get approved for a loan. It could take anything from a few hours to a week to get approved for a lease but for a loan, it may take you several weeks.

Portable ECG Financing With LeaseQ

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