The healthcare industry is faced with many challenges these days. Most medical facilities are still reeling from the effects of the '08 economic crisis and the uncertainty brought about by the healthcare reforms. Acquiring medical equipment was not a priority then. With the economy slowly recovering now, it is time to look to the future. If you are a medical facility looking to expand or acquire new medical equipment, consider PMI Medical Equipment.

Progressive Medical International (PMI) carries a complete line of reconditioned and refurbished medical equipment of all the top brands. They also provide emergency care supplies. There are many misconceptions about refurbished equipment, but most are them unfounded. They are not only cheaper than brand new, they have been road-tested by the previous user. PMI reworks this gently used equipment into a more efficient one. Leasing reconditioned medical equipment will give you further savings. As opposed to cash purchase, leasing medical equipment offers many benefits.

You Have An Array of PMI Medical Equipment To Choose From

If you lease your medical equipment, you do not have to deal with obsolescence issues. You can choose to upgrade whenever you want. Refurbished does not mean out-of-date. The problem with new technology is that it has not been tested outside the lab. But if you get refurbished, you know that another medical practitioner has used it, and if it had problems, PMI would have addressed it when it reconditioned the medical equipment.

With LeaseQ's state-of-the-art leasing process, you can easily look for the dealer who will provide you with the right piece of equipment in just a matter of minutes.

With PMI Medical Equipment Leasing, You Can Take Control of Your Expenses

LeaseQ will provide you with various lease quotes for the medical equipment that you want, all in the comforts of your home. You will have the ability to take total control of your monthly costs. Medical facilities need a lot of equipment in order to stay competitive. By leasing them, you can have access to more equipment than if you were to make a cash purchase. You also do not have to worry about maintenance and depreciation costs. Instead, you can focus your attention to giving the best healthcare to your patients.

PMI Medical Equipment Financing Offers A Variety of Options

LeaseQ will work with you to ensure that you get the financing option that is right for you. You can negotiate a straight lease if you do not want to deal with the hassles of ownership. You can also take out a loan to finance your acquisition, or pay $1 at the end of the lease period and take ownership. LeaseQ has over a hundred of financing companies to choose from.

LeaseQ's leasing process is easy, fast and free. You can go back over and over until you find the equipment and financing options that's right for your facility.

To see if you qualify for leasing PMI Medical Equipment, click here for a free quote.