Nova Medical Equipment should stand for style as well as mobility. They set out to prove that just because walking is difficult does not mean you must have a boring cane that looks like the cane everyone else has. If you want something different, just browse through the Nova Medical Equipment catalog.

Why Choose Nova Medical Equipment?

The company motto of Nova Medical Equipment seems to be that just because your mobility may be limited you do not have to sacrifice independent living or your personal style. They started their business in 1993 and have quickly became a popular choice for everyone who wants to not only cope with their disability but show the world that it does not slow them down. Their client's who purchase one thing, often return for future needs that may come up and it is due in part to their exceptional prices, warranty and friendly customer service department. Just imagine a wooden cane. This is pretty boring by itself. Now imagine that same wooden cane with an 8ball on top. Not such a boring idea after all. Every cane on the Nova Medical Equipment website can be yours and it can be customized to show off your unique sense of style. They have walkers that can be customized especially for you. Who says medical equipment has to look the same for everyone? Nova Medical Equipment does not think so. When you choose Nova Medical Equipment you can get everything you need in order to move around safely inside your home so that you can take your freedom back and what is even better is the fact they also offer everything you need in the bathroom as well. Unfortunately, the sad but honest truth is that if you need a lot of medical equipment at one time, the cost can become overwhelming if you must make large cash purchases. There is a better way to get everything you need from Nova Medical Equipment while avoiding a large cash purchase price. It is called leasing. When you lease an item you are guaranteed low monthly payments and you can use the equipment while paying it off.

Nova Medical Equipment Leasing Is Simple!

Leasing is the easy way to get everything you need without making a cash purchase that can leave your bank account empty. When you lease an item all you have to do is make small monthly payments on your Nova Medical Equipment. Most people can qualify for a lease even if their credit is not perfect. This is due to the fact that leasing is only a soft credit pull financing option which means it will have no impact on your credit score, even if you are a little late paying on your lease one month. You can ask your medical equipment dealer about financing offers they know of for Nova Medical Equipment or visit LeaseQ at to get their free instant quote. With LeaseQ you can apply and know your financing options in as little as two minutes of your time. Even if you are not ready to lease, you can apply just to see what your financing options are and at a later time if you choose to lease through LeaseQ you can return and reapply.

Financing Options For Nova Medical Equipment May Include Taking Out A Small Loan or Nova Medical Equipment Leasing

If leasing is one of your financing options you should strongly consider it. Not only will leasing help ensure your monthly payments stay low enough to fit into your budget but you will also have the option to "try out" your equipment before you decide whether you should keep it or not. When you lease then at the end of your lease you have the option to either return the equipment or you can make a final payment to buyout the lease. Often this buyout price can be as little as $1 and the equipment is 100% yours to keep. If you would like to know what your financing options are you can check LeaseQ at any time and then compare with other financing companies to see who will give you the best deal on all your Nova Medical Equipment.

To see if you qualify for Nova Medical Equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.