If you are thinking of making a cash purchase on medical furniture but you are not sure as to which is the better option for you, then there are a few factors that you have to keep in mind before making a decision. There are no rules that govern making cash purchases or financing but these are some of the elements that you have to keep in mind.

Is It Better To Lease Medical Furniture?

How much time will you be using the furniture? This is the first question that you should be asking yourself before you make any decisions. If you will be using the furniture for only a short amount of time, then leasing it would make much more sense than making a cash purchase. This is because it is cheaper and you can always return it after you are done with it.

There are certain companies that offer beneficial extras on their rentals such as repair and replacement when necessary. When you make a cash purchase on your furniture, if anything happens to it, you will be the one responsible for repair or replacement. These extra costs should be something that should be considered before making the final decision.

When Should You Not Consider Medical Furniture Leasing?

Leasing medical furniture has a clear advantage over making cash purchases if you are planning on using it for the short term but is there a time making a cash purchase makes more sense? The answer is yes.

For instance if you have a business that is up and running and your business model is working well, you can make a cash purchase on medical furniture that you will use in the long term. If you are a beginner, however, or you are just starting out your business then you should consider renting instead.

Another point to note is that sometimes it is cheaper to make a cash purchase rather than lease medical furniture. Take for instance, a lift chair may cost you about $250 to $ 350 to lease. If you rent it for three months, it will cost you about $750 while when you make a cash purchase it will cost you around $800. If you look at it this way, you will find that it is much cheaper.

Medical Furniture Financing; Bottom Line

Making a decision as to whether you should make a cash purchase or simply consider medical furniture financing solely lies on your current needs. At the end of the day, you have to look at which supplier will offer you the best rates and this can be a tedious task.

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