A medical equipment lease agreement simply outlines the conditions that you and your supplier should adhere to during the entire time that you are in possession of the equipment. Unfortunately some people rarely take time to read through the lease agreement and end up financing more than they had initially expected. This therefore raises one question; what should you look out for before signing a lease agreement?

What You Should Know About A Medical Equipment Lease Agreement

As with most leases, a medical equipment lease agreement can be made open to negotiations. You can negotiate with your supplier some of the things that can be upgraded at no extra costs, or any other additions or deductions to be made to the lease. These negotiations should be conducted professionally. If any adjustments are made to the lease, they should be in writing and not verbal agreements.

The reason why verbal agreements are not recommended is that most of them end up causing misunderstandings in the future. Always ensure that you clearly understand the terms and conditions of the lease because the moment you sign on the dotted line, you will be bound by the terms and conditions until the lease ends.

You can also avoid paying for damages that were not caused by you by checking for preexisting damages. Ensuring that these damages are also written in writing protects you from losing your security deposit or being charged extra for damages that were not your fault.

Tips For Medical Equipment Leasing

You must have enough money to cater for any expenses. Most companies will require you to pay for the first and last month upfront. You will also be required to pay for processing and filing of the lease documents.

You may not be able to cancel a lease but you can add some of the equipment that you need. Some companies may require you to add equipment that does not cost less than $5000. It is also advisable to have some form of insurance that will cover your equipment in case something goes wrong.

Before you lease medical equipment, you should have the manufacturer run you through the training program before you release any funds to the supplier ahead of time. This is perfectly understandable since most of the medical machines are extremely fancy and complex to use.

Medical Equipment Finance Made Easy

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