Leasing Medical Equipment

Although it may be tempting to seek medical equipment for sale, acquiring medical equipment through a lease makes a lot of sense for most medical offices and organizations. Technologies in health care are constantly changing and the price of various peices of medical equipment is also changing as well. Whether your facility is a hospital, a medical practice, a nursing facility or any other health practice, you understand the importance of securing the best equipment for your work. But financing may be a problem especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Instead of choosing loans or credit to purchase equipment, many health care facilities are opting for medical equipment leasing. Leasing is a better financing option as it saves your working and investment capital in addition to helping you pay for the equipment while they are being used.

Other Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment

There are other benefits of leasing medical equipment besides cost savings. First and foremost, leasing does not affect your borrowing capacity. Leasing has no impact at all on your credit score. Equipment lease payment is also a totally tax deductible expense because your payment is a liability on the balance sheet and not a business asset. With a lease option to finance medical equipment for your facility; you enjoy tax benefits and other deductions. Leasing also provides 100% financing and therefore large down payments are not necessary. Most importantly, you are able to protect your business from obsolescence since some lease agreements allow you to renew, return or purchase the particular equipment.

You Can Afford More Equipment

Because medical equipment financing through leasing is more affordable than an outright cash purchase, you may be able to afford more equipment and equipment of higher quality in your facility. More equipment means more procedures can be carried out and this eventually translates to more income - while higher quality means better patient outcomes. Some of the medical equipment you can lease include computer systems, exam tables, filling systems, laboratory equipment, Medical Aesthetic Lasers, MRI equipment, patient monitoring equipment, reception desks, waiting room furniture and ultrasound machines - among many others.

Lease Your Medical Equipment from LeaseQ

LeaseQ has developed a customized leasing program to enable health care providers to obtain medical equipment at the best rates in the market. The leasing process is simple and easy - as well as very affordable for your needs. LeaseQ also gives you a flexible payment option to minimize any disruptions on your budget. You can also count on the knowledgeable customer service team to answer any queries you may have. There are a variety of medical leasing alternatives to choose from including various financing options. All you are required to do is fill an online form and supply the relevant information as prompted. A representative then informs you how to continue with the process. The folks at LeaseQ can also help you do a lease versus buy analysis, should you need one.

Financing Your Medical Equipment

Choosing medical equipment for your practice is among the most important decisions you will ever make. You can count on a reliable financing partner to help you invest in the latest equipment at the most affordable rates. and although purchasing may be tempting, you can conserve your cash and get more and higher quality medical equipemnt through leasing and financing. To see if you qualify for medical equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.