Holter monitors are portable medical devices used to continuously monitor various electrical activities for at least 24 hours. Depending on a patient's condition or situation, the devices can be worn for a week, month or more. The extended recording period can be useful in monitoring conditions that can be difficult to identify in shorter periods. The devices consist of small electrodes that are stuck on patients' chests. The patients carry the monitors in a small pouch or pocket worn around the waist or neck. The position and number of electrodes vary by model but most employ between three and eight. The devices may not cause any discomfort to patients. Since they are electrical devices, patients should keep the devices dry; swimming and showering should probably be avoided.

Uses Of Holter Monitors In Medical Facilities

One of the common uses of Holter monitors is monitoring the cardiovascular system. The battery operated devices can help record the heart's electrical activity. While wearing the monitors, patients can keep a diary of how they feel and what activities they do. Patients should not limit normal daily activities since the devices record how the heart works under various actual conditions. After the monitoring period is over, the patients can return the devices to you to analyze the recorded data. You can match the records of symptoms and activities of the patients and the Holter findings. You can also lease the monitors to monitor arterial pressure or brain activity of patients.

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Available Holter Monitor Financing Options

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