Persons looking to upgrade their exam chairs or purchase chairs for their new practice may face financial challenges. Leasing and financing the chairs can be the best solution if you have a tight budget. You can search for the best manual or power chairs by looking at the features and pricing. If you require custom made chairs, you can contact a dealer who can help you with your demands. Used chairs may cost less than new chairs. Some chairs can easily convert from a seated chair to a flat-top table. Such chairs can suit varied requirements and procedures in your health institution. You can save time when conducting an examination because you don't have to move patients from the chair to an exam table. This feature can be appealing if you want to save more money.

Essential Features Of Exam Chairs

When looking to lease exam chairs, you can go for those with essential features that suit your patient's and individual needs. These features can put your patients at ease and increase productivity. Versatility is one of the features you can look for in a chair. Such a chair can suit various medical fields. Safety features can also be included in your search for the right chairs. Suitable chairs can be free of concern regarding unwanted shaking or movement. The chairs can have sturdy bases for a fundamental grip and allow patient access. Power chairs can feature a safety switch to prevent children from operating the chairs. Patient comfort features can include a footrest, headrest and leg rest. Opt for features that conserve your time and serve your best interest. Such features can include auto return buttons, memory programming and dual side controls.

How To Compare Exam Chair Leasing Quotes

Many dealers can provide different exam chair leasing quotes. The quotes may feature different terms and pricing. You should conduct a good comparison to ensure you find the right equipment lease that's right for you. First, you need to provide all your leasing demands to the potential dealers. The leasing companies should provide lease quotes according to your demands. Look at the end of lease purchase amount, monthly repayment rates, Fair Market Value, purchase option and buyout. Negotiate the quotes that meet your requirements for overall satisfaction. Asking your dealer to recommend dealers in that niche or going to LeaseQ and getting a free instant quote can set you in the right direction.

Is A Loan An Option For Exam Chair Financing?

Yes. Other than leasing, a loan can also be your option for exam chair financing. The leasing process at LeaseQ is fast and free. You can go back as often as you like and when you are ready to apply for exam chair leasing as the application process tales less than two minutes.

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