An EEG machine maps the electrical activity of a brain. In practical terms, an EEG is used to diagnose the specific type of epileptic spell, differentiate psychiatric syndromes, or test for brain activity in coma patients. It's an important diagnostic tool that every hospital should have. Ideally, a medical facility should have several of these in their inventory. However, this is an expensive machine, and therefore, making a cash purchase may not be feasible for some.

If you are responsible for the acquisition of equipment in a medical facility, you probably spend a lot of your time making difficult financial decisions. Saving lives is important business so you want to be sure that your doctors and nurses have all the necessary tools to do their job well. If you have limited resources, consider leasing EEG machines. There are several benefits to leasing over cash purchase.

You Can Stock Your Medical Facility With The Most Modern and Up-To-Date EEG Machine

It is not smart to scrimp on your EEG machine. You want the best one for your medical team. If you lease these machines, you do not have to settle with low-quality EEGs due to budget constraints. You have access to new and modern machines. If it becomes obsolete, you can always upgrade to a better one. Leasing gives you the flexibility to adopt to new technology as it comes out.

You can have all the EEG machines you want through LeaseQ. You can search their vast database of financing companies and equipment dealers. There is no commitment, you can search over and over again until you find the right equipment for your facility.

EEG Machine Leasing Lets You Manage Your Cash Flow

To paraphrase Mae West, too many equipment, too little cash. It's a common dilemma in the healthcare industry. With LeaseQ however, you can leverage your future income to answer a current need. You can control your cash flow so that monthly payments are kept low and affordable. All you have to do is answer some questions, and LeaseQ will deliver lease quotes to you in a matter of minutes. You can compare the quotes from several dealers right in the comfort of your home. LeaseQ knows that your time is valuable, so it shields you from annoying sales calls. You choose the deal you want and initiate contact. LeaseQ's leasing process is fast, easy and totally free!

EEG Machine Financing Gives You Customized Payment Plan

LeaseQ will bend over backwards just to make sure that you have a payment plan that you can afford. You can enter into a straight lease agreement for an agreed period. The monthly payments are low and you can switch quickly to new technology when the need arises. If you are more inclined to own EEG machines, LeaseQ can help secure a takeout loan, or arrange a lease-to-own agreement where you pay $1 at the end of the period. You choose the payment plan that is suited to your budget. And if you have credit problems, LeaseQ can make a soft inquiry for you that will not affect your personal credit score.

Leasing and financing EEG machines is the smart move for your medical facility. Get on the web now and learn how LeaseQ can help you leverage your finances.

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