The digital X-Ray machine can be a very expensive investment for any health facility. It however comes with a lot of advantages. The analogue x-ray machine also has its pros and cons therefore, it is up to you to make an informed decision before leasing or purchasing any of them. Below is a brief overview of the pros and cons of the two machines.

Overview Of Both Digital X-ray Machine And Analogue X-Ray Machine

The analogue x-ray machine uses film processing technique. The films are dipped into fixer solutions and a chemical developer for processing. It is then rinsed and dried. The whole process typically takes 5-6 minutes. The advantage of using this analogue technology is that it generally costs a lot less. In addition, most medical practitioners are familiar with how it works.

The disadvantage of this analogue x-ray machine is that the chemicals used to process the films can be very smelly and dirty. They are also very toxic to the environment. There are no backup solutions for your films and it emits a higher dose of radiation when compared to digital x-ray machines.

The digital x-ray machines on the other hand as mentioned can be very expensive but they emit a lower dose of radiation to the patient. They in fact have a lower running cost because you do not have to purchase any chemicals or films. Taking images is much easier and you can share them with other health facilities in different geographical regions. Doctors with basic computer skills can easily learn how to operate them.

Digital X-ray Machine Leasing

X-ray machines, whether digital or analogue, are very expensive and if your medical practice does not have enough cash flow, it might be next to impossible to own one. This is why leasing provides a possible solution to medical facilities that would like to utilize x-ray machines.

The reason why it is a cheaper option than making a cash purchase is because it does not require the medical facility to make large down payments in order to start using the equipment. Moreover, the medical facility will not have a large percentage of its funds tied up in x-ray machine equipment because any lease payments made are considered as monthly expenses.

Digital X-Ray Machine Financing

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