Most of the time you find that people spend a lot of time looking for a reputable medical equipment supplier and this can be very frustrating. At Dickson medical equipment, you can be assured that you will get quality equipment. Below is an overview of the company.

Overview Of Dickson Medical Equipment Company

It was founded in 2002 and has managed to be one of the leading providers in durable medical equipment and oxygen services in West and Middle Tennessee for the past 8 years. They specialize in a wide array of products such as wound therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, BiPAP and CPAP therapy, respiratory and oxygen therapies and durable medical equipment.

They distribute their products across seven locations and have employed certified staff such as prosthetics and orthotics fitters and respiratory therapists. In 2010, Dickson medical equipment merged with Alana HealthCare Pharmacy, LLC to form Alana Healthcare. Alana HealthCare was formed in 2009 and specialized in distributing specialty pharmaceuticals to patients living with complex and chronic medical conditions.

Dickson Medical Equipment Leasing

Leases are a great way of helping a company cut back on the costs associated with purchasing new equipment.

Unfortunately, some people make a lot of mistakes associated when it comes to leasing. The first mistake is not including a lawyer during the initial drafting of the lease. This is a very big mistake especially if you do not have in-house legal personnel. Lawyers are very good at identifying loop holes in contracts and also smoothing out a transaction.

The other mistake that people make is not communicating clearly to their supplier exactly what it is that they want. You have to be clear on what the specific requirements for your equipment are, which brand you prefer and the price range.

Speaking of communication, people make the mistake of leasing equipment from a supplier who is difficult to contact. You either have to go through an automated voice system or the supplier simply does not return your calls. This is an early sign that you will experience service problems in the future.

Another mistake of leasing is signing a lease that does not clearly outline the obligations of both parties in the contract. For instance, when the equipment breaks down who should be responsible for the repair? Is it the vendor or is it going to be you? If it is going to be the vendor, who should you contact when repair services are needed?

Dickson Medical Equipment Financing

Dickson medical equipment is a company that is trusted by many health practitioners. If you wish to find similar companies in the United States, all you need to do is visit LeaseQ. They have a free online platform that allows you to connect with several leading finance companies that are willing to give you free and instant quotes. You can go back to the site as often as you like to compare and prioritize quotes.

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