Gone are the days when the doctor needs to cut off the body of a patient in order to learn more about the patient's internal ailment. In the last century, researchers and medical engineers have upped their game with the development of non-invasive medical equipment for treatment and diagnosis of diseases and bodily ailment. It all started with the accidental discovery of the X-Ray. Today, there are more than a dozen equipment that utilizes the basic technology behind X-Ray to observe the movement of internal organs. One of the most popular ones used today is the breast MRI or the magnetic resonance imaging system that focuses on the breast.

The Importance Of Breast MRI

It is a fact that one of the leading causes of death among women today is breast cancer. This is the reason why medical institutions from around the world are trying to acquire equipment and devices that would help them diagnose and treat this specific disease. Thus, there is now an increased need to finance breast MRI machines. However, not all hospitals and clinics have the capability to cash purchase this machine. This is why there are institutions that would go for the renting and leasing option. If your clinic or hospital wishes to provide diagnostic services in this sector, then it would be best to learn more about the renting and leasing options.

Which Should You Choose Breast MRI Leasing Or Renting?

Although leasing and renting do not totally remove the expenses involved in the purchase of an MRI machine for the breast. it somehow helps in keeping the monthly costs considerably low. A leasing contract though would be a more stable expense compared to renting. This is because renting fees can change monthly depending on the owner. A leasing contract also includes a free repair and maintenance service from the leasing company. This is in addition to the fact that you can return the equipment at the end of the lease or make a final payment such as a $1 buyout at the end of the lease. Leasing, which is a contract that can last for at least six months, endows you with the right to use the product for whatever purpose you want. During the course of the contract and the hospital wishes to upgrade for a better equipment, they can easily do so. They only need to renegotiate with the leasing company. Leasing also removes the tax and storage responsibilities from the hospital. When compared to cash purchasing and renting, leasing is the best choice. Another reason why leasing should be your last choice is the fact that there are lending companies that offer financial aid for breast MRI leasing contracts.

Breast MRI Financing

The magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most expensive medical equipment today. Although, leasing is lower than the actual price, it is still better for those who wish to lease the product to apply for breast mri financing. Asking your dealer to recommend dealers in that niche or going to LeaseQ and getting a free instant quote is a good way to start looking for financial help. Actually, LeaseQ can help find the equipment lease that's right for you while looking for a lending company who will fit your needs.

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