3T MRI Scanner

Get a new 3T MRI scanner for your hospital. LeaseQ has helped many healthcare facilities with their 3T MRI scanner leasing and financing.

If you are thinking about upgrading the technology in your radiology department, consider getting a new 3T MRI scanner. If you have not yet switched to a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging machine, it might be time to get one. A lot of hospitals and healthcare facilities choose not to upgrade their equipment because they think that it will cost too much. Spending on long-term acquisitions with money that they do not have is not practical at all. This is because they do not know about the benefits of leasing and financing equipment. Find out how you can get a new 3T MRI scanner without breaking your budget.

Why Get A New 3T MRI Scanner

A new 3T MRI scanner can give you faster and more accurate results. The stronger magnetic strength with these types of machines is better than the older version which only gave a 1.5T field strength. Show your patients that you care about them by getting only the best and latest equipment. These machines can diagnose superficial temporal arteritis without the need of a biopsy. This might be a better option for your patients. A more efficient work place is better for your staff members and patients.

Benefits Of 3T MRI Scanner Leasing

The benefits to 3T MRI scanner leasing include conserving cash and keeping credit lines open. You also get tax benefits when leasing equipment since they are considered an operational expense. Some dealers can even offer lower monthly rates by transferring their tax benefits to you. These rates usually include regular maintenance costs, delivery fees and repairs. By leasing equipment, you don't have to worry about broken or faulty equipment since the dealer can simply replace it or repair the machine. When you want to acquire a machine such as this for your hospital, you need to prepare financially for it. This is why it is important to get quotes and compare different dealers.

About 3T MRI Scanner Financing

You get a lot more options with 3T MRI scanner financing. You can choose to lease the machine or take out a loan for it. Unlike borrowing money from the bank or spending on a big cash purchase such as this, you don't have to worry about downpayments or collateral. Leasing equipment is equivalent to 100% financing. This also means that you don't ever have to be stuck with machines that are prone to becoming obsolete. Once a contract ends, you can just enter a new one. Or, if you are still content with the machine, simply renew the lease. Many dealers even offer great buyout options that can go for as low as $1.

LeaseQ can help you find the lease that is right for your healthcare facility. You can get the latest 3T MRI scanner without having to break your budget. The leasing process is very simple and only requires a couple of minutes. If you are not ready to apply now, you can always come back later. Getting a quote can help you make better decisions. To see if you qualify for 3T MRI scanner leasing, click here for a free quote.